Maximizing Your Tax Return

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If you are looking for ways to maximize your Tax Refund this #TaxSeason then look no further. . . If you follow this formula then you will set your year off on the right track towards financial freedom: . . S. T.A. S.H. (Spend Thirty and Save Half) . . 1. Spend 30% of your tax refund on WHATEVER you want (Gives you the feel of abundance) . . 2. Save 50% in a high yield savings account in order to jump start your financial freedom fund. . . 3. The remaining 20% should be invested into an income producing asset . . Special s/o to my brother @reecswiney! Catch me every Monday on @hot1079atl as we give you the 💰 game in real time‼️ . . If you need more tips and a financial coach/accountability partner as well as a tribe of people who are on the same path towards financial freedom then join my program . . My intention in 2020 is to help 2,020 people/families live their BEST financial lives! . . This includes: . . *Building & maintaining a monthly budget . . *Saving & Investing for the future . . *Controlling & Use Debt Properly . . *Creating Multiple Streams of Income . . *Building Generational Wealth . . If you are interested in being one of the 2,020 then join my MindRight Legacy Builders program for Just $27 per month. The first 200 people get $10 off by using the code: ABUNDANCE . . You also get a live One-on-One with me each week, your own personal financial website, an app to manage your money and much more…. Hit the link in my Bio of visit

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