5 Reasons to Shop or Donate at your local Thrift Store

Why You Should Thrift Shop!

You see them everywhere. In almost every neighborhood, you friendly family thrift.  What is a thrift store. A Thrift is a store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution. This store mostly stocks off of donations from the neighborhood, churches and companies. This is so that the charitable organization doesn’t have to worry about being about to provide services to those that need their services. There are five reasons you should shop at thrift store when you can.



1.Unique Finds

Have you ever heard the saying “One Man Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”? Well now you have.  I am a thrift store addict.  I find the most unique clothing, jewelry, gadgets and more at these store.  Things that people have keep for years and finally let go of so that I can began my journey with them.  I have found name brand purses, shoes and more in good condition.  People just need to clear up space in their closets.  Kids have left the house and they want clean the room out.  Children have clothes that were in good condition and may have never been worn.  You just never know. I have found Fendi and Coach purses that were barely used. Waiting for me.  Addidas, Nike, Puma five and seven dollars. Tommy Hilfiger, Pink, Cremieux, Polo, and More.  Patience and an eye for style.  Now when we talk about Household Goods now that’s another animal. Antique Furniture right down to Antique Silverware are all out there for you to discover.  Like I stated earlier one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

clothes-web_302642. Money Saving

Living on a Budget but want to but understand that clothes are just as important as eating. When budgeting, shopping at the mall is not even a thought. But you can take twenty dollars or less and make a trip to the local thrift and come out with more than you ever thought.  You will be surprise what can be accomplished at a store with prices for jeans at two and three dollars.  You may have just enough left after the bills to have a full shopping spree.  The Children can run free looking for things they want and you can take your time find the things that they need.  Checking for the condition of the clothing and shoes.  It will surprise you that your children may love it more than you.  Thrift store shopping brings meaning to shopping on a dime.  Now if you are just a thrift shopper and love to save many this is definitely for you. Bedding, curtains, appliances, wall decor, rugs, I have found all of these at thrift store.  I found a solid wood, coffee table for ten dollars. Certain days some thrift stores have to clear out space for more stuff so they have to cut prices even lower. Just ask someone working there and they may tell you the exact day.


3. Helping Provide Service

Thrift Stores are fundraisers for Charities. Your donation goes to help that charity maintain it’s services.  Most charities struggle and are closed down due to lack of funds and volunteers. The lack of funds is the underline issue. So when you patronize a thrift store you are helping good hearted people continue to serve the community, your community!

4. Seeing An Instant Return on your small investment.

Goods for a contribution.  When you go shopping at the mall that money goes to building big business.  Don’t look at it as shopping when at the thrift, if it helps.  Look at it as a donate in exchange for goods or an investment into someone life.  You can see something for your monetary donation.  Purchasing from thrift stores is like a double return.  That community gets services and you get something you like.  It’s an exchange or you can look at it as a instant return on your investment. Great way to give back to your community!

5. Donating is Good for Clearing Clutter

Got a House full of stuff you have been meaning to get rid of. Sometimes you hang on to things that are taking up too much space. Donating to the thrift is a great way to clear the clutter.  Allot of the things that we are no longer using can be giving to someone that is in need.  You may have upgraded and there is nothing wrong with the previous item. Sometimes it’s an entire space that needs to be tended to. You could clean out your garage. You could clean out a room and repurpose it.  Some thrift stores take furniture as well.


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