What Are Your Dreams

It Can Happen

Do you believe in yourself? What are your goals? Do you know that it can happen?

In this life there are many obstacles. But even more when you have decided to go after your dreams. Most of the obstacles are the ones that are formed from within you. You have to step out in faith and leave fear behind. Know that what you desire to do or be is going to be worth the fight. Worth the rejection. Worth the storm. You have to Understand that its apart of the process. Victory is coming.

Shaq thought it was a Hoax.

Shaq thought the reports on social media was a Hoax. I did as well. Sitting at home browsing social media I ran across the report. I didn’t believe it. My husband turned to CNN. And there it was. Breaking News. For my son who is a died heart basketball fan, is still in disbelief.

I am praying that the way everybody is grabbing hold of their loved ones that it continues. Prayers going up for the Bryant Family! They need it sincerely!

Power: Leaked! Hope this is not true…

This is so jacked up. Why Lawd why? Why and who let this get out. I am so messed up right now. I want to ball up and scream. Who leaked this? I heard 50 did it. Shame on him. Then took a shot at my favorite girl, Taraji. Where does the madness end. 50 get some cents. And the crazy thing about it is that I am a big fan of 50 for real. But this has messed me up.

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