They Thought By Now You Be Dead By Now

They thought by now we would’ve been dead 

Because of all the bad times that we’ve had

And all of the rotten things that we’ve done

Playing sin like Russian Roulette with a loaded gun

They thought by now we would’ve been dead 

Because of all the evil territory we use to tread

Because of the drugs, alcohol or rendezvous of our past 

See they thought our troubles would always last

They thought by now we would have been dead

Because at one time upon iniquity we fed

And there were some real bad choices we made

In some cases faulty people with which we laid

They thought by now you would have been dead 

Because painful circumstances weighed heavy on your head

When your mind and your body may have been under attack 

And too many folks talking who didn’t have all the facts

Tuh, I know they sure thought by now i would have been dead 

Probably thought I would have O D’ed on prescription meds

See they saw me at my absolute worst

But what they missed was my 2nd birth 

Can you testify, Can anyone of you relate to this story

It shoulda, coulda, woulda been you but here you are wrapped in His glory

To many thought you’d be 6 feet deep by now

But instead you’re doing mighty fine and got some folks wondering how 

They gave up on you and they sold you short

But they didn’t know you was on Holy life support

They saw you fall time and time again

But they missed it when Jesus freed you from your sin

They thought surely you was on borrowed time in fact over due

But they missed the miracle God had in store for you

And they see you now and say no is that her…she use to do this…she use to be that…it cannot be

And you smile and say yes this is what the Light of the World has done for me 

My Savior refuse to let us drown 

He refused to keep us down 

He refused to let us dwell in the dark

He refused to let the enemy devour us like a shark

He refused to let us be killed by the snake 

He gave us His Holy Spirit and commanded us to shake

He took some of us from whores and made us His housewife

He took us from the pit of death and exchanged it for eternal life

He turn our ratchetness into righteousness 

He flipped our wombs from barren to blessed 

He knew there was no testimony without the test

He made a message from our mess

When they said no He commanded yes

When they saw the worst He saw your best

When they called you nothing and worthless 

But He knew your dirt and still decided to invest

He’s our infallible Savior and wears a spiritual S upon on His chest

Yes…so many of them thought we would be dead by now, they had written the last page of our story

But they failed to realize the greatness of the King of Kings who has gifted us with His authority 

And now we walk in faith, we live in light, and our lives testify of His glory 

They thought…you’d be… DEAD…by…now

But instead… you have been gifted with eternal life…Woooow

What a Mighty God We Serve


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