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The View on Lizzo!

What’s Going On!

Lizzo joins the Party at a Basketball Game.  She turns around and give the crown a show!  Back in the day we use to call this a full moon.  But today the rear end of many women big or small is on display.  Lizzo’s shows have put her assets on display many times but some feel like in this arena she just took it too far.  What do you think?  Some say no one rear should be on display.  Some say Go Lizzo!  She is just Very confident.  What say you?

Whoopi weighs  in on the Day time talk show the View.

Sang Girl!!! Yesssss

You Better Sang.

The Tiffany Andrews always blows us away when she sings.  In my instagram life I ran across this video.  Yes it blessed my soul this morn-ting! I got my praise on! I am sharing and I hope it blesses you too.