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Do We still have New Year’s Resolutions?

Do we promise to resolve some of our bad habits anymore.  Or have we come to the place where we have begin to accedpt who and where we are and reject one anothers behavior.  Scrolling down my facebook page I see some people saying more of what they are not going to put up with in the new year from other people more than a list of self improvement.  I know you are probably saying well that is self improvement. So let me put it this way.  I see more people taking covert shots at one another and family members, friends, and significant others. Makes me miss the simple “I am gonna lose these extra pounds.”  It is sad really!  Text messages, post, tweets, and instagram post have taking up the space of a true intimate promise to yourself about yourself.  People use to even try to get relationships on the right track with a goal of not going in to the new year with any grudges. new-years-resolutionsNot any more.  That is Played Out!  Everyboby feels like everyone needs to get with thier program or get to stepping.  Well can’t argue with that.

Talked with my spouse and he said a New Year’s Resolution should be about some that want to commit to that better you.  Some that betters your quality of life.  So it just might be for some people to get rid of negative people.  Make sense to me!  So weight loss and new skills and hobbies are not at the top of the list any more.

So if you are reading this post Share with Me and the My Gospel Soul Magazine Family wbat your NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION IS.

Thanks and Have a New Year of Happy Resolutions!