December 8 on My Gospel Soul

Biography for K-Mor (Kim-Messenger of rap) 

Kim grew up in a neighborhood where addicts smoked pipes in broad daylight; prostitutes worked the night and day shifts, and violence lurked around the corner waiting to claim its next victim. At the age of 13, Kim became a victim of violence, which subsequently led her to consider suicide. Through God’s grace and mercy, Kim was able to turn tragedy into triumph and wrote her first rap at the age of 16. 

After receiving salvation at the age of 20, Kim wrote her first 

gospel rap and has been diligent in her ministry for more than three decades.

God has blessed Kim with a new name for her new gospel rap ministry: K-Mor (Kim-Messenger of rap).

Her goal is to lyrically reach people of all ages and ethnicities and share the good news about God and her testimony of how He took her from “hard times and cold streets to smooth rhymes and hot beats”. 

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