 Movie Night
I found this movie tonight. This is the beat movie I have seen in a long time.
I just finished watching. I am floored. Amazing… The sacrifice… If you haven’t seen it… I recommend it!
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Everyday Black Man

Everyday Black Man is a 2010 film directed by Carmen Madden. It stars Henry Brown, C. Kelly Wright, Omari Hardwick and Tessa Thompson. It is a story about deception and a man’s struggle to save his daughter. 

I have a love hate relationship with this movie. My Lawd. I honestly think I have witnessed the birth of Ghost in this movie. He played it well. I don’t like the way it ended. You hope that Moses … Well watch it and tell me what you think.

Another Fav…

An African-American woman tries to deal with the death of a loved one while moving.

Now I watched this movie years ago. I feel in love with it. The way she took care of her Aunt before she died was touching. The question that stuck with me all these years from this was… Who’s gonna take care of me? That moment when you realize that the people in your life are not for you. You may be for them but they are not for you. And in the long run you are gonna need a real companion.

Check this movie out!

New Favorite Movie

An aspiring poetess is truthfully lost. The surprise and uncertainty of a new love leads to ultimately find a sense of self-worth.Release date: September 6, 2013 

Oh My Lawd… This is my new fav. I cried through this movie. It spoke to me on so many levels. Its unreal! I mean it is real for me. Like a song I have to sing.

Check it Out!