Broken Chains Awareness Development Group


Broken Chains Awareness Development Group

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After a sit down with Gary Jedkins the Founder of Broken Chains I am very very encouraged when it comes to hope for our inner city youth.  Houston is in need of more organization like this one. While at Mr. Jedkins barbershop within the Hair Gallery in Houston Texas I learn what brought about this awesome Program.  The organization was founded on the basis of Juneteenth.

mag cover He said that he and his wife would do what we all do as a black community on Juneteenth. Which is to Celebrate with some good barbeque, family and friends.  One day they decided that it was not enough.  It lead him to develop a program that would educate our youth in depth on what this powerful day is and what our ancestors went through to get her.  They also began to assist and encourage our youth to continue their education by giving scholarships of $2000.00 and a laptop Computer.





They have an annual banquet to celebrate them and show them that they are royalty, kings and queens to be celebrated, pushed and encouraged.  I was over whelmed with joy to know that there are organizations like this instilling in our youth pride in who they are and their culture.





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