Admission Scandal: Turning Up the Heat


The Daughter may become the Defendants


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This is a sad story but something to follow.  Since she didn’t take the plea deal it open her daughter up for charges.  They turned up the heat. This is my understanding.  They want someone to make an example of.  This seems as though it’s going to go on forever.

Parents point of view.  Anybody will do whatever it takes to help their children.  In this case now that we all know and people are being prosecuted, what will the real consequence.  People feel that Felicity got off easy compared to known Celebs Regular everyday people are getting the book thrown at them.

Huffman served just 11 of her 14-day sentence for her role in the widespread college admissions scandal. felicity-huffman

Kenya Moore …Marriage

Hopes for Reconciliation


kenya breakk upFormer Beauty queen and current reality star Kenya Moore announce her split from her husband September 17th.  You know from the beginning it has always been some drama behind her and her husband.  First the mystery on the show of who he is. Her and NeNe Leakes always loving to hate each other. We can’t the day Kenya showed up pregnant.  What an episode! But all show biz aside. When a marriage goes down the drain and after such a short time. Married in a private ceremony June of 2017 and a beautiful daughter born Nov of 2018.  I am not gonna lie.  I feel like this couple is so beautiful together. But the Camera’s can’t keep you together. It take the two individuals.  From some reading up on this there are a lot of opinions which we know everyone has one. I have learned in Life that it is possible for one person in the marriage to be emotional married and the other to be a wondering soul. There are rumors of his exploits and she may have proof. This does not mean this turns off her feeling for him. This could set her up for a roller coaster ride.

cynthia-bailey-blonde-bangs-hair Her friend and co reality star expressed in a recent interview hope for the couple. While Wendy Williams stated his motive were upstanding. Since Marc Daly’s marriage to Kenya Moore his businesses have taken off. Opening up a number of restaurants.

Guess since everything is a Reality Show with these two we will see how this plays out!