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Power…I am ready to talk about it.

Power… You got me going in Circles

Here I go. Keeping it real. I have no idea what the writers are thinking. But low key, I like it. I am indeed waiting for the next episode. I want to start with Tommy. Baby is straight out of his mind. This episode he was called a serial killer. Yep. He should stay in his lane. He was never a good business  man because he thinks With his heart. Let me take that back. He has mommy issuses. Shoot first ask question questions later. Never Never good. Now everything is jacked up. Lawyer dead. Both girl friends dead. Daddy dead. It’s a mess. All because Ghost is trying to “so called” live right. Whatever that means. He needs counseling. Don’t know why he thinks Tasha is his family.

These two need to sit down somewhere.  Father trying to save son while momma is trying to make him into a Ghost she can control. Sad. That baby need to be shook and his momma too.Tasha, the Queenpin, the drug dealer, the money launderer and now the Snitch…oh oh don’t let me forget, the coldblooded killer! How did she know where Silva’s body was? Help me Lawd. I can’t deal with this Lady. I smell a lie. Scratch a Snitch… Find a… Dead Silva!Stop the madness. So you mean to tell me James has never fed you. He has never paid for your clothes. Lawd! I remember a scene where y’all were in the shoe store, at school, etc. Naw… He didn’t say what I think he said. 🎤 drop. Shake that baby! Please! Riding in a canoe with a hole in it. Life is flipped upside down and topsy turvy. Tasha this episode decided it was time to show Ghost her gangster…her tugthezle. And it quickly fizzled out.

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